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Here are pictures from the Ronin Studios booth at SDCC in 2005.

Gene Simmons says:

"I wanna rock and roll all night, and read this book every day!"

Seth Green says:

"I'm taller than this book! But not by much!"

Samurai Stormtrooper knows that reading is fundamental:

Vader says:

"Issue 3 still isn't out yet? NoooOOOOOOOOOoooOOoOoOoooo!"

This guy had the Adam West voice down cold:

Okay, here's something weird (and kinda creepy). The hotel I was staying in was having a "furry" convention in the ballroom.

We saw a guy dressed as a cat in some sort of leather sex harness. Yikes.

Dave Wachter and Chris Maze hard at work in the Ronin booth:

Scar Tissue crew! (Jim, Steph and Dave)

Scar Tissue crew next to the Scientologists in the next booth!

Fuckin' wackos! (And the Scientologists, too!)

Dave's getting pissed because the Scientologists keep stacking their L. Ron Hubbard books higher and higher while grabbing people out of the aisles. This was taken right before he just about snapped and was ready to throttle the obnoxious Scientologist neighbor:

Batmanbooya looks curiously at Pat...

...who looks suspiciously drunk:

The man himself, Tim Loika:

Chris Maze doing a sketch:

The whole Ronin crew!

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