James Andrew ClarkWriter
Twitter: @JimAndrewClark
James Andrew Clark is a writer, editor, musician, and technologist. He is best known for his writing work on the Harvey and Eisner Award-nominated webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley (co-authored with Dave Wachter). His stories have been published in over a dozen comic books, magazines, and anthologies, including the Eisner Award-winning series Dark Horse Presents. As a musician, he performs under the name of “Ukulele Jim” and has released a large catalog of Americana folk-rock and children’s music. When he’s not spinning yarns or making noise, Jim is hard at work directing Information Technology at one of the top-ranked community colleges in the nation. He lives with his wife, two children, and a flock of chickens in Santa Barbara, California.

Dave WachterIllustrator
Twitter: @citizenDave
Dave began his career as the artist and co-creator of the critically acclaimed independent comic series Scar Tissue. In 2009, Wachter and his Scar Tissue partner Jim Clark created the weekly webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley, a western/sci-fi serial adventure. In 2010, The Guns of Shadow Valley was nominated for the Eisner Award for “Best Digital Comic”. Dave’s work has been featured in various anthologies, including: Fiendish Fables, PKD Media Presents, and Hope: New Orleans. An episode of the webcomic Mystery Solved! features his art. He is the artist on Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here for Terminal Press, the celebrated adaptation of the notorious John Holmes film. Dave has recently relocated to Pittsburgh, along with his cat, Rusty.

Brent WachterColorist
Before David pulled Brent back into the comic book world, comics were a nice thing to pick up at the drug store, say 30-some odd years ago. Since then he has been moving around, picking up a degree in architecture from Miami University of Ohio and a Masters in scenic design from Boston University. Brent participates in the creation of scenery for theatre, museums, industry, and for others that have a need for someone to make something look like something else.

Steph St. LaurentLetterer
Steph has been lettering for the past couple of years but has been conspiring for a much longer amount of time to ursurp Jim’s place as master sequential wordsmith. With projects like IMPH (Heavy Metal) and Blammo the Space Monkey (Digital Webbing Presents) under his belt, how could he not?

Series Editors:
Nathan Patton
Lisa Clark
Barry C. Miller