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New story in The Hunger #3

Everybody go run to your local comic shop and pick up a copy of The Hunger #3 which just came out today from Speakeasy Comics. It contains a 5-page back-up story written by yours truly. It’s a horror story, not a Scar Tissue story, but go read it anyway.

– J.

Scar Tissue review at comiXtreme

Check out the review of Scar Tissue #2 over at comiXtreme. They really seemed to like the issue a lot!

Click here for the review.

Podcast Interview!

I did an interview with the cIndyCenter podcast! It’s a site designed to promote contemporary and independant arts. Chris Shields does some great interviews with modern fine artists as well as comic book creators. I like what he’s doing here, trying bring these two worlds together, so that the comic fans might broaden their horizons to include other art forms, and show the fine art comunity that comics are a valid artform as well.

Check it out:


Interview with Comic Geek Speak!

Dave and I were interviewed by the popular Comic Geek Speak podcast about Scar Tissue and the small press scene. Dave has been a big fan of this show for some time–I’m just discovering it–and it is quite a thrill to be featured. It’s a big, juicy one hour interview that we think turned out really well. So go check it out and let us know what you think!

Comic Geek Speak is the site, and the direct link to the interview is here.

Wizard World LA 2006 wrap-up

We’re back from Los Angeles and another successful Wizard World show.

Unfortunately, turnout was rather low this year. It probably didn’t help that the convention was scheduled on the same weekend as the LA Marathon, which left most of the downtown area closed off. Still, sales were pretty good, and we still had a great time.

We scored a corner booth and were parked across from Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) and Jack O’Halloran (Non from Superman II) and also across from the signing area, so at some point we were across from Ethan Van Sciver, Goeff Johns, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, and two of the Wayans brothers, Shawn and Marlon I think. So our placement was really great and we got some good traffic because of it.

Here’s Dave and me at the Ronin Studios booth:

I brought my ukulele and played it during the show. It brought a lot of traffic over to the booth and entertained tortured passersby. I was even asked by Margot Kidder to sing her a song, and I also got to play for Noel Neill (the original Lois Lane from the old ’50s TV show).

I ROCK!!!!

Even Dave took a turn:

Here we are working on layouts for Scar Tissue #4:

There were two Supermans (Supermen?) across from us a lot as well, one being a very well-proportioned fellow who really looked the part…

…but the other one was rather skinny and we were taking bets as to whether his “endowment” was authentic.

Dave also did a fair amount of sketching for fans…


Black Panther:



CLICK HERE for a 360o view from the Ronin Studios booth (warning: might make you dizzy), and CLICK HERE to see us rocking out (warning: might also make you dizzy).

So there you have it. Be sure to come see us at San Diego Comic Con in July!

Issue #3 is released!

We’ve just received our copies of issue #3 from the printer and they’re now available in the online store. Get yours today!

Around Comics podcast

This week I am a panelist on Around Comics: “Your source for news, reviews, and opinions in and around the world of comics.” This week’s discussion is conventions, also the week’s news and Top of the Stack. Come check it out!

Around Comics

Direct link to Episode

Podcast reviews…

We got two podcast reviews recently!

Bruce Rosenberg’s KomicsKast, about 3 minutes into episode 36:

From David Price at Comic Timing, 54 minutes into Episode 4:

Check ’em out.

Issue #4 is off to the printers!

Issue #4 will be at the Ronin Studios booth #2246 at San Diego Comic Con!

I gotta tell ya, the artwork in this issue looks damn good, the best yet in fact. Dave Wachter is a pro.

Dave’s SDCC Report!

This was an incredibly fantastic show. And successful too, we completely sold out of issue 4! Got to meet back up with a lot of great folks and meet a lot of new ones too. That’s always the most exciting and fulfilling part of a convention for me.

On the plane ride over I started to finally read Men of Tomorrow. When I got off the plane a guy approached me, said he saw me reading the book and asked what I thought. He introduced himself and I told him my name. He got a curious look in his eyes and said “are you the artist on that organ transplant book?” That was pretty damn cool. He stopped by the booth later and picked up the issues he was missing.

Met the Comic Geek Speak Guys guys, Peter, Bryan, Jaime, Matt and Adam, and a lot of CGS listeners and other podcasters like the Indie Spinner Rack guys(nuts), Lene from I Read Comics(charming), and Chris from the Collected Comics Library(swell guy).

Got so many sketch commissions that I was always a day behind, as well as selling most of the ones I had left from previous shows. Went to Fridays(I know, but it was cheap i.e. under $40/plate) with a bunch of CGS peeps, went to Dick’s(again, cheap, & a real crap hole but we made it fun) with the Ronin Crew, and went to a couple fancy-pants dinners with Jim, his wife Lisa and their two beautiful and well behaved twins, Eva and Tristan. Later in the night was the bar at the Hyatt.

Met Steve Bryant and we got along instantly. He’s a stand up guy all the way.

Got another chance to talk with WordBalloon’s John Suintres(probably bad spelling, but he does the same for me 😉 ). He’s a bundle of information and positive energy.

That’s what I can think of right now. My brain is still fried.

Special Thanks to everyone who came out to meet us and who picked up the book!

Here’s the few pics that I snapped:

View from the Radisson:

Ray Harryhausen at the booth next door:

Jim and Nat jammin’ on the Ukes:

More Stormtroopers:

The Ronin Booth with Jim, Pat and Chris:

Steve Bryant, Athena Voltaire creator:

Blurry podcasters:

Even more Stormtroopers:

Art Adams working on my Loki sketch:


Sketches for the CGS guys:

Even more Stormtroopers:

Mighty John Culjak(writer of Renaissance Man):

Jim and Pat:

CGS dinner group:

Ronin Crew, blurry mode:

Guess what, Stormtroopers!