In the heart of a villain
    lies the soul of a champion.

Ben needs a heart transplant. When the doctors finally find one that’s compatible, it’s from the recently deceased super villain Lord Grundoom. And that’s where his problems begin…

When the city’s superhero, The Compatriot, is brought under investigation for Grundoom’s death, there’s no one to protect the innocent. Another villain shows up looking for the heart, and just as the truth of the transplant starts to unravel, Ben begins to exhibit powers of his own. To make matters worse, he unlocks memories that belong to Grundoom and starts to hear voices.

It falls upon his two brothers to help him make sense of his new abilities and prepare to make a final stand. But a past that is not his own is catching up to him fast…

Created by the team behind the Eisner nominated webcomic The Guns of Shadow Valley, Scar Tissue is a 5-part series in the dark and edgy super-hero genre, similar in tone to such hits as The Authority and The Boys. It’s an action-packed adventure with a character-driven story that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

The critics seem to agree:

“This is a story about what it means to be a hero, and what it means to be family…  I found myself very much enjoying SCAR TISSUE.”

–Ain’t It Cool News

“It’s well-thought-out work, determinedly paced and competently drawn…  The subtle color, by Brent Wachter, sets the story apart from the usual independent title.”

–Comics Worth Reading

“Clark and the Wachters have put together a great product…  This book is a must read!”


“If you’re looking for something with a different mixture of reality and fantasy then you normally see in super-hero comics, SCAR TISSUE is one to grab.”

–Silver Bullet Comic Books

Written by: James Andrew Clark
Illustrated by: David Wachter
Colored by: Brent Wachter
Lettered by: Steph St. Laurent
Edited by: Nathan Patton, Barry C. Miller, Lisa Clark

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