Wizard World Chicago wrap-up

From our artist, David Wacther:

Wizard World Chicago is over and I’m still exhausted, even after 10 hours sleep. I had a fantastic time! My favorite part was meeting people. It was great to meet more of the awesome folks at Ronin. Those of you I met at earlier shows, it was wonderful to see you again!

The Bendis Board people are just plain crazy. It was fantastic meeting so many of you in person. Homestly, too many to name here. I tried to introduce myself to as many boarders as possible, even though most of you have no idea who I am. But I know who you are, so it was a thrill.

I was very glad about the reception Scar Tissue received. It looks like the word is getting out and people are really enjoying the book, which makes me extremely happy. I got to do my first two interviews at the show, which is pretty funny considering I’m the nobody of all nobodies. I’ll post the links later.

I think Ronin did a spectacular job at the show. I am proud to be a part of Ronin and I wear the logo proudly on my chest.

I can’t even begin to name all the people I got to meet and talk with. I felt honored to be around such great people that fill this industry.

Now for the pics:


Boba Fett approves:

An endorsement from the Empire:

Scott Schwartz now has both issues:

You friendly neighborhood Scar Tissue fan:

"I’m Batman, this is Scar Tissue!"


Now, more photos:

Destro and Cobra Commander:

(I wish I could have gotten pics of everyone, like John Culjak, Donal Delay and wife, Jon Ashley, and many others, but I didn’t break out the camera untill the very end.

John, it was spectacular to see you again. Renaissance Man is hilarious but, does not begin to capture the funny that comes out of this man.

Donal, it was great to meet you and your wife. I wish we had gotten a chance to talk more. I snagged one of your sketches. Terrific stuff man.

Jon, another fantastic Ronin artist. For a while it felt like it was just you and me over there, with Kari way down at the other end. I had a very fine time chatting with you. You look so much like Ethan Embry, it’s scary!)

Bram Cayne and Ryan Brandt, two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And they’re great fun to hang out with (even though Bram’s from Canada).

My brother Brent avoids Shane.

Friends again!

Tonia and Jeffrey in his dullest shirt. What a great couple!

Michelle Walters and her boyfriend. (She’s on the phone with her mom.) Post some of those awesome life drawings, Michelle. Comic artists need to see more of that.

Ryan Walsh approves. Good to meet ya, buddy!

The great Pat Loika, out of it.

The great Pat Loika, into it.

It’s always great to see you, Pat. I’m so glad you were able to make it to the show.

Shane verifies that the naked photos of him came out well.

Kari(a real sweetheart. Hard working, too.) Craig(Comic pimp), Noble(Kari’s husband), and Nathan.

Raven and Nathan. I can’t express it in words, I just love these two and want nothing but happiness for them. Hold on tight, Nathan, you’re a lucky guy.

One pic is not enough!

Nick Thompson, my favorite englishman. I knew I’d get you to smile for the camera!


Jodi and logan from ComiXpress. These are great folks who have always come through for us.

Brain Defferding(School:A Ghost Story), the happiest man in the industry, and possibly the world.

Raphael and Nick. Get a room!

Raphael spreads the love to Nathan. What will Nick say when he sees this??


Donal Delay’s Hellboy! (many thanks to Noble for relenting this)

Bram Cayne’s Green Goblin!

(I can’t believe I’ve been working on this thread for 3 hours!)


They keep going, and going,…

…and going, and going, and going,…


This was my last con for a while. It was a marvelous time. I can’t wait to see you people again. Hopefully sooner than later.

For those who couldn’t make it: I really hope to meet you soon. And the show wasn’t really that great. Kind of boring, actually.