Review at Broken Frontier

Scar Tissue #1 was given a positive review over at Broken Frontier!

Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Scar Tissue is a great little comic which wears its influences on its sleeve. It has a pretty good handle on the industry approved ‘superheroes deconstructed’ story that essentially tells a superhero genre story from a totally different perspective. What makes this issue work is that while the story is grounded in serious and well-written drama, the plot could have been lifted from a classic Silver Age storyline…

J. Andrew Clark has written quite a competent comic here. He sets up the storyline of the overprotective brother with immediate ease, establishing the dynamic of the family structure in the first couple of pages. He also tells a pretty good superhero story, except from the other side of the genre equation…

Scar Tissue is well worth a look for those who are interested in the expanding genre once simply known as the superhero genre but now much, much more.”

You can read the entire review at THIS LINK.