Part 5 Page 36
February 6th, 2012

Part 5 Page 36

And so concludes our series Scar Tissue. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

(If you’re just joining us, you should go back and start at the beginning!)

That last panel asks “THE END…?” and the answer is “For now, at least.” it’s possible that someday Dave and I will come back to the series or characters and come up with a new storyline, but for now we have other projects to concentrate on.

Speaking of which… Have you read our other project The Guns of Shadow Valley yet? You should check it out. In fact, go there. Now.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Khorne

    Hmh. I was starting to feel a bit impatient before I checked the lower right corner of the page a bit more carefully and then read the blog. Can’t help feeling that this kinda ended too quickly and just when things were starting to really get interesting. Well… I’ll continue reading if you guy decide to make more Scar Tissue. But in the meantime, I’ll keep on waiting for the next update of The Guns of Shadow Valley and see if I could cough up enough cash to order a copy (maybe even a signed one) of the Scar Tissue-book. Thanks for the comic.

  • Thanks for the kind words.

    I had always intended for Scar Tissue to be an ongoing saga with self-contained story arcs. I knew I wanted this first arc to end in a disaster, and the next part would start with the characters dealing with the aftermath of that. Every major character has made choices and took actions that have serious repercussions, and I was looking forward to having fun writing about that. I left some important things open enough so that I’d have the opportunity to deal with them again. But I also tried to write it in such a way that it wrapped things up with a punch.

    When we finished this, Dave and I were discussing what to do next when he pitched his idea for a super-hero themed western. That sounded like a fun project to jump into right away. Also, Dave wanted to flex his writing muscles, as well as try a new style in a different genre. And I felt that the popularity of straight up super-hero stories was beginning to wane, whereas there weren’t too many good westerns being made at the time. So we put our energies into that.

    I hope to somehow, someday pick up where Scar Tissue leaves off, or at least revisit these characters at some point later (or even earlier) point in their lives. There’s always hope, right?

  • Khorne

    Credit where credit is due.

    Exactly. You did managed to get me hyped up towards the end of the story arc and it ended with a bang , but like it was intended to, it felt more like a begin of a saga rather than an end of a short story. There’s indeed plenty of to continue from, if you one day decide/get a chance to do so. And if/when that happens, I’ll hopefully be there to see it = I’ll be checking every now and then.

    And what comes to The Guns of Valley, I knew that I’m so going to be into this on the second page of the first chapter. Even though I got a plethora of soft spots, comics, gritty western, dead tree with a flock of black birds with a creepy WTF-is-that-and-where-did-it-come-from among the softest ones. And the style of illustrations is just about perfect. And I agree that the switch of focus was probably a smart move. You guy’s seem to know what you’re doing at least from here where I’m sitting.

    I hope so too. There would better be… there would better be… Anyways, good luck and so forth with your current and future endeavors! And thanks for you time. 🙂

  • Jörg

    Great comic!

    greetings from Germany